Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ironing Board Table

I needed some storage in my sewing room as well as a larger ironing area.  So I decided to build an "ironing board table".  I used a combination of a workbench plan and a bookshelf plan I found at www.ana-white.com .  I found the totes at Family Dollar. The larger totes were $3.50 and the smaller ones are shoe boxes that were $1.00.  They hold my interfacing, lining, fabric scraps, zippers, buttons and misc. notions.  In person, the green is not as bright.

The ironing board is 4 1/2 ft long, whcih is about a foot longer than a regular ironing board.  I covered  it in quilted ironing board fabric I purchased from JoAnn's and stapled to the MDF board.  I then picked out a grey damask broadcloth I found at Hobby Lobby to give the table a more decorative look.  The damask fabric can be removed and laundered if necessary.

The table is also deep enough were I can place my cutting mat on it and cut out smaller projects.  Although the table is not perfect, it will do for what I need it for.  Now on to finishing getting the rest of my sewing room organized.

1 comment:

  1. What a great idea! I love your ironing table.



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