Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Graduation Outfit

My son graduates next month from basic training.  So my mom, my other son and I will be headed to South Carolina for his graduation.  I am super excited!  But I must find the perfect outfit to wear!  You know mom has to look cute!   There are a a lot of unknowns about this trip.  Being in the south already, I know that weather most likely will be hot and balmy.  And I also know that the graduation will be out doors, weather permitting (translation as long as we don't get hit with one of those crazy summer rain storms), so I need something that is suitable for out door weather.

Last month I picked up a lot of really cute patterns from Hobby Lobby and JoAnn's when they had their sale.  So last night I started flipping through them in hopes to find the perfect dress to sew.

I decided to sew the Simplicity 2178 Cynthia Rowley dress - I am of doing View A minus the strap and the shoulder tie (just a seam).

Here is the Cynthia Rowley Resort 2010 version of the dress (Below). I love the color blocking with the coral and the white.

There a a few reviews of this pattern on www.patternreview.com that will be very helpful when I sew this baby together.  It seems a few people had some little issues with how the bodice, waistband and skirt attach together.  But I don't think I will let that deter me...I love this dress!


  1. Love the pattern! It should be very "Spring-y!" I look forward to seeing your post of the finished garment. BTW, You may be in my neck of the woods for the graduation. And, welcome to the Sewing Challenge. Vita

    1. Thanks...I have had this pattern spread out in my sewing room for three days now. I'm going to do a "test" run with some inexpensive fabric I have in my stash. Going today to see if I can find a fabric that I "love"...so far no luck.


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