Friday, April 29, 2011

Another White Dress

So as I mentioned before, I not a huge fan of white...unless it's a t-shirt or something I can throw in the washing machine.  I just always seem to get SOMETHING on me, I'm a magnet for dirt when I wear white.

Well, I'm strolling through Ross...side note:  I hate Ross, their stores just always seem to be un-organized and cluttered.  But for some reason I still pop in every now and then.  And will usually find a GREAT deal I just can pass up.

Anyway, I go in the other day and ran across the CUTE dress that fit me FABulously!  What color is it but WHITE!  But I just had to have it.  It's going to be the perfect dress to wear for our family photos next week.  I'm pairing them with a pair of black strappy sandals I have in my closet.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Easter Suit

Remember when you were little and how excited you would get when your mom would take you shopping for your Easter outfit?
Well, as an adult...not so much.  I guess its because I am not so big on clothe shopping (for myself). 

Anyway, I need a white suit for Easter.  Did I mention, the only time I wear white is if it is washable...i.e. t-shirt, tank top etc.  Last week I was looking for a new black suit and saw a white suit that...*surprise* I actually liked and thought was cute!  So once I found out we had to wear white on Easter...I "hopped" back over to the mall and luckily found it in my size.

Now I have to find shoes to wear with it....I don't have any white dress shoes.
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