Monday, April 12, 2010

Happiness is... new KitchenAid mixer and Gormet Today cookbook!  Look how "Happy" they look next to each other in my kitchen along side my rosmary and basil plants.

I ran across "Tabletop Tuesday", hosted by Marty from A Stroll Thru Life and figured this post would be perfect for the party.  There are so many beautiful tabletops, vignettes, and displays I can't wait until I move into my new place and get unpacked so I can add to the list.

I have been eying the Candy Apple Red 90th Anniversary Edition, but Sam's Club had a deal I just could not pass up. This is was a larger mixer with more power at a lower cost! My biggest delima was deciding on a, black or chrome. As you can see I decided with the chrome. And much to my delight, look what was waiting for me when I got home, my Gourmet Today cookbook I ordered last week!

I'm Back!

I'm back! I originally had my blog here at Blogger, but moved to Wordpress. I don't have anything against WP, but I think Blogger has a few more "options" and may just be a little more user friendly for me. So "I'm BACK!!!"

So for the next couple of days, my blog is UNDER CONSTRUCTION!
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