Thursday, April 26, 2012

Older Home = Small Closets

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I excited that I am moving out of an apartment to a house!  But the downfall of leaving a newer apartment to an older home...LACK OF CLOSET SPACE!

In my apartment, I used the linen closet in my master bedroom for my shoe closet.  After all, I had an extra bathroom that I could store all my towels and such in.  And the selling point for my apartment was that I had two walk-in closets.

But the new place has small (very small) closets.  So I'm giving up a small place with BIG closets, for a BIGGER place with small closets.

My project this week has been cleaning out my closet and donating most of the items that I no longer wear and do not intend on wearing to Goodwill.  I also have get everything organized since my close space is smaller, as well as my bathroom storage is smaller.

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