Friday, October 5, 2012

Happy Birthday

The Complete Book of Woodworking and Kreg Jig Master Kit

My boyfriend said he has never purchased ANYTHING like this for any other woman.  BUT then again, he's never dated anyone quite like me either.  It was EXACTLY what I wanted!  And kudos to him, because I did not ask for it.  He just picked up on it from conversations we had.  Lucky for him, I could not find the Kreg Jig set at Home Depot or Walmart.  I had plans to go to Lowes the following weekend to look for it and if they did not carry it, I was going to order it online.

I know most women are like "I don't want household items (or tools) for birthday's and Christmas.  But I would much rather have something that I want and could get good use out of as opposed to something that will be used or worn once or twice and then sit in a closet or on a shelf.

And in this case, I really was not expecting much since we had just returned from our Birthday Vacation., the trip of a life time...10 days in Hawaii!

So now I have doing a lot of reading out of this book, in addition to bookmarking woordworking plans and watching YouTube videos so I can build SOMETHING!

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