Monday, August 1, 2011

My 100 Day Challenge to an improved ME!

I joined the 100 Day CoCreating your Reality Challenge on FB.   My friend Jennifer (Rawbella), invited me to join this challenge ... and I must say it came along at JUST the right for me.  I am going through a transition in my life right now were things are not quite lining up how I want and need them to be.  The challenge runs from August 1st (tomorrow) through November 9th...but for me it's just the beginning of a NEW ME and a NEW LIFE!  I know as a procrastinator (me) this list seems kinda long, but for some reason the number 10 is speaking to me on the 100 day challenge. 

So here are my goals for the next 100 days!
1) GET ORGANIZED! Clear the clutter in my home office (aka the other bedroom which has turned into a storage room and dumping ground).  That room is starting to remind me of an episode of Hoarders.
2) FOCUS on getting my business going.  Lack of confidence has been my hindrance and holding me back.
2) Remove the excess weight (all 40 lbs of it) so that the BEAUTIFUL CURVACEOUS ME can evolve and LIVE again!  Eating healthier and exercising.
3) Establish and embrace an EXERCISE regimen to improve my health and livelihood.
4) Take my state prep exam class and take the State Exam to get my Real Estate Licence (something I have been putting off WAY tooooooo long!)
5) FINANCIAL FREEDOM!  Pay all some the remainder of small debts I have and take the final steps to clearing off my credit.
6) Lay the ground work toward purchasing a home and/or future rental property.
7) Build better RELATIONSHIPS (Family, friends, and business)
8) COMPLETION! Finish all of these little unfinished projects around my home, and really in my life for that matter.  There are so many things that I have started and not finished and I really need to just get them completed.
9) Learn to SWIM.  And as much as I love to be in water or around water, its really sad for me to admit that at 41 I can't swim, over even float for that matter.
10) Prepare myself for my SOUL MATE :-) I know he's out there and close to finding me.

Check out Jen's You Tube video => HERE <= expaining the co-creating concept and how/why she was inspired to start this challenge.  She created this FB group so everyone can network and support each other about a week ago and it has quickly grown to 500 people. 

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