Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Fiesta by the Pond

Every summer my book club has a get together, just to get together!  No book discussion, just socializing, good food and wine!  One of the ladies has a home out in the country and volunteers to have it held at her place.  My mom and I are doing the food and the planning.  This year's theme is "Summer Fiesta by the Pond"

The Menu

Chips, Guacamole, and Salsa
Three Bean and Corn Salsa
Grilled Stuffed Jalapenos

Beef Fajitas
Chicken Fajitas
Fresh Flour Tortillas

Dulce de Leche Almond Cupcakes
Polvorones (Mexican Wedding Cookies)

Sangria Tea

I love the elegance of this table set up, and this is pretty much the vibe I tyring to achieve with out little get together. 

Let's see how it comes out.  I already have bowls and platters similar to some of the ones in this picture. There is a Hispanic flea market and farmers market close by we are going to over the weekend to look for a authentic pinata, serape (to use as a table covering), sombrero and other decorations. 

Also as a "party favor" for the ladies I am doing big beautiful flower pins for their hair.  We asked everyone to come dressed in "Fiesta Attire"

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