Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pretty Princess Party

This beautiful smile made all my hard work worth it.  She had a BLAST at her party and was sooooo happy!  And all of the little Princess' had so much fun also.

Each little girl was crowned with her tiara and given her princess sash as they arrived.  We had a few Knights in attendance as well (unfortunately they did not make it into any of the photos, they were too busy in the moon jump all day).  Each princess was made a custom name bracelet.

The Palace Party Planners laid out a beautiful feast fit for a princes.  The menu included Turkey Sandwiches cut out in crown shapes, Fresh Fruit, Dragon Tails (Chicken Strips) and Chips.

I love how the centerpeice came out.  This is what happens when you buy a "tub-o-rhinestones" and have free time on your hand while watching the basketball playoffs.

I recycled the flowers from the centerpeices I used at my best friends baby shower a few years ago.

I did not get a chance to take a full picture of the draping that I did not the tent, but it definately brought everything together.  Here you can see a glimsp of it.

Each little guest received a Princess Swag Bag with bubbles, fruit snaks, party blowers, Princess coloring book and crayons.  The bubbles were a HUGE hit with the kids.  Thankfully I had extras because there were a few that either used up all of their bubble or accidently spilled them.  I'm glad I did the full size version not the party size version of them.

The Princess backdrop came from Party City and made a great backdrop for the photos.

Everyone, all the way down to the littlest pricess had a lot of fun!

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