Saturday, June 18, 2011

Princess SWAG Bags

I found these cute bags at Party City. The bag on the left with the pattern is for the girls...and the solid color (purpleishbule) bag on the right is for the the boys.

Each bag will have bubbles (6/$0.99 at the 99c store), colors (3/$1.00 at Dollar Tree), a mini coloring book, and Fruit snacks. Girls bags will have princess themed stuff and for the boys I'm doing a knight or pirate theme (have not gotten this stuff yet because I am still waiting on a final count of number of boys from Grandmother and my sister.

Last year around Christmas I found these tiaras and rings at Dollar Tree. There were 6 to a package of the tiaras, they were plain with not rhinestones. The rings had a pink or a lavender heart shaped stone in it. I purchased a big "tub-o-rhinestones" from Hobby lobby and binged them both out.

The first photos shows the rings before I added the "extra" to them.

So now I have sets of pink, purple, red, yellow and green Princess Tiaras and Royal Jewels for our visiting princesses. I also blinged out their wands (also found at Dollar Tree)

Each girl will also receive a sash that says "Princess" and a princess skirt. I found this super easy and inexpensive tutorial at for the skirts. I'm going to make a few alterations to the instructions, I want longer skirts and not as full.

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