Friday, June 10, 2011

Pink and Lavender Bling Princess Party

I'm planning my niece's 6th birthday party.  It's a princess theme party, I'm doing a twist on the Disney Princess theme.  I was so excited when Disney finally came out with an African American Princess. 

 But the thing is, Princess Tiana is not on all of the Disney Princess stuff, so I came up with my own twist of it.  The color scheme is Pink and Lavender... pretty much based off of these plates:

There are six different princess...Tiana, Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, and Ariel (a different one on each plate).  Since this is a party for "little people", I figured the dessert size plates were large enough to use for the food (7") and I am going with pink and lavendar napkins.

We are decorating a 10 x20 tent with pink fabric, tule, ribbon and balloons...this one of my inspriration photo's I found online:

Inspiration photo for the food and cake table:

Still working out the menu...most likely finger foods.  I ran across these great blogs that were a HUGE inpriration for the food!

For All Things Creative - I love the cute names for the food and the namecards she did.
Cupcakes Wishes & Birthday Dreams - This dessert buffet is a 5 year olds dream!

Backdrop for the photo's with the Princess

Purchased from
It was only $6, but it's made of plastic and in two parts.  So I'm brainstorming on how/where to put it up since this is an outside party.

I have to find the blog I got the idea to do this "blinged out number" for the main centerpeice.  Since I have that "bucket-o-rhinstone" I had to find another project to use them on and this was just perfect. 

I took a 8" MDF Curly Q Number - 6 that I purchased from Hobby Lobby

Painted it with a metallic purple acrylic paint and then hot glued various shades and sizes of pink rhinestones to it.  This project roughfly took one evening to do (while watching the basketball game on TV).  This is how it turned out.

I'm recycling silk flowers from some baby shower centerpeices that I did a few years ago to make the centerpeice.

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