Tuesday, April 9, 2013


My boyfriend and I were talking over the weekend and he mentioned he had a couple of pair of his work coveralls that were looking "raggedy" because they were too long and the hem was starting to fray.  I'm like, just bring them with you when you come over and I will fix them. 

He's seen some of the stuff I've sewn but has never actually seen me in action.  So while we are waiting for dinner to finish up.  I have him try in the pants so I can see how much they need to be hemmed.  Marked my hem line and headed toward my sewing room. 

So he's sitting in there with me, looking around in awe at all the gadgets and what not.  It was kinda funny because he reminded me of a little kid getting a peek into the forbiden room...you know, "look but don't touch!"  Less than 10 minutes later I have both pair of pants hemmed and ironed.

"Wow! These look professionally done!"  I just smiled and him and replied "They were!  I will send you my bill"  I love my man!

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