Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Time to get things MOVING!

My realtor pick up my leases, so now it's time to get packing!  You never really know how much STUFF you have until you have to pack it up!

Last time I moved (about 2 years ago) I color coded all my rooms so it would be easy to identify which boxes go to which room (quickly)

  • Living Room - RED
  • Kitchen - YELLOW
  • Dining Room - YELLOW
I know you're thinking...that is the same color as the kitchen.  My reason for doing this is that I am putting all the kitchen and dining room stuff in the dining room so my kitchen is not cluttered with boxes.  That way I can take a box at a time in to the kitchen and empty it.  Also, the stuff that goes into my china cabinet is labled CHINA CABINET and I will personally move those boxes instead of having the movers move them.  I just don't want to risk my mother's china and my grandmother's crystal to the hands of MOVERS.  Also, that LAST boxes that I pack up in the kitchen, needs to be the FIRST boxes I unpack.  These boxes will be my dishes/glasses/silverware and my spices, flour, sugar coffee, coffee pot etc.
  • Master Bedroom - PURPLE
I having all these boxes placed in one of the extra bedrooms so my bedroom will not be cluttered with boxes.  I will also make sure that the bathroom box is labled so I can find my toiletries and stuff.  Last time I moved I did not do this and after the movers were gone and I was dead tired, hot and sweaty I could not find my shower curtain and shower stuff.  So I ended up just making a quick run to Target.
  • Office/Craft Room - GREEN
All my holiday decor (which is in totes) and any other boxes that are not labeled will go into the garage until I get a chance to sort them out.

I work part time at a retail store, so I had our stock person save me boxes as the shippment was checked.  Can't beat FREE sturdy boxes.  I purchased packing paper ($10 box/200 sheets) from U-haul and packing tape ($16 pkg 6 rolls) from Office Depot.

So let the PACKING begin!  So what are your tips for an orgainzed and painless move?

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