Monday, December 16, 2013

Who decides to move during the holiday's?

I did!
INSANE right? Yeah it's downright INSANE!!!

So I started purging and packing up the non-essential stuff a few weeks ago.  Thanks to Pinterest, I found some great tips in hopes of making this move go a little smoother than my last two move.  After doing some research, I decided on renting a POD instead of hiring movers or renting a truck and doing the move ourselves.  Price wise it's about the same amount of money, but stress wise it's going to be a whole lot easier!

Well in the midst of all this guess who gets sick? Yup you guessed it...the crazy lady that decides to move right before Christmas.  I started medicating up as soon as I start feeling bad.  But we all know, no matter what you take its just temporary relieve until this thing runs it course.

The POD shows up EARLY Saturday morning (7:30 am) so there's no sleeping in.  Plus I have Messiah rehearsal at 10:30 and I need to catch the last part of our Women's Ministry 2014 kick off meeting right after.

With this sitting in my driveway, now this move officially feels real!!!  It looks a lot smaller than I expected.  And I got nervous trying to figure out how in the heck am I going to get my WHOLE house packed up into this.  Thanks to my cousin who suggested I try Aleve Cold and Sinus.  Yesterday I was feeling a LOT better.  And got a LOT done.  My game plan is first thing in = last thing out.

I moved all the storage boxes out of the garage with the exception of my Christmas decoration.  Christmas decoration will either be loaded last, or moved in one of the cars. I am determined to have some sort of Christmas this year.  So the tree is going to be the first thing that goes up!  I have about 80% of the house packed.  So all I have to do it move those boxes out of the house and into the pod.

I pick up keys to the new house on Friday. 5 days and counting!!!

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