Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Blinded by happiness!

Who just figured out how to do a blind hem?  This girl!!!
Top: Inside of stitch     Bottom: Outside of stitch

I am just excited beyond words right now.  Every time I sit down to my machine I try to learn or master something new.  My machine has 67 stitches and I know how to use maybe I can add one more to that list!


  1. Hi Zeva, it's great to figure out what stitches do what :).

    I just got an email from someone who has trouble posting comments to your blog, as she gets bounced. She was concerned that as you were in the Make a Garment a Month Challenge you might not get comments from anyone in that challenge (that was how I interpreted the message). I said I would see if I could let you know. I see my comments are getting through, maybe there was a temporary glitch).

    I wonder if it might be a good idea to add the "follow"widget to your sidebar - this makes it easy for people to follow you. Then people can follow and get updates every time you post. Just a suggestion.

  2. we're never too old to learn new things, there's still lots to learn on my machine as well, it's digital & has a mind of its own lol!

  3. I have never attempted a blind hem but seeing how beautiful this is, I will definitely have to try. (Please consider adding the gadget to allow someone to subscribe to your blog via email).


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