Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thanksgiving Tablescape with a Twist from the Traditional

The past few weeks I have been up to my elbows in modge podge, glitter and Polystain.
It all started with the realization that my little table, although it worked for everyday dinners...would not fit all the family for the holidays.  My first thought...since I'm still on the "I can build it kick" was to build a farmhouse table.  Afterall, I did a good job on my first project (my little console table).  But I put that thought quickly out the window since Thanksgiving was less than a month away.  THen one day after work it hit me...just expand my current table.  By adding 3 feet to it would make it the perfect size!  It was not as simple as I thought, but $70 later I had just the perfect table for my holiday dinner.

This year since I will be hosting dinner on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, so I decided to do a twist on the "traditional" by adding red to the decor.  I love the way the red pops against the cream damask tablecloth.


In the mist of "construction" project I went into DIY mode.  Simple Styrofoam pumpkins were purchased at Dollar Tree, Walmart and Hobby Lobby ($1.00-$3.75) and then painted with metallic acrylic paint, modge podged and sprinkled with gold, copper, silver glitter and sequins.  Pine cones (free from Mother Nature) then brushed with modge podge and sprinkled with glitter as well.  Glass votive holders filled with corn kernels and a vanilla tea light add a little ambiance lighting.

I found a set of 12 mini pumpkins on clearance at Marshalls.  Brushed them with modge podge and sprinkled with gold and copper glitter.  DIY napkin rings were made from unfinished wooden napkins rings purchased at Hobby Lobby (8/$2.99).  I painted the outer rims with gold acrylic paint, then wrapped them with chocolate brown velvet ribbon and added a couple of berries tied with a copper orange satin ribbon.  Each place setting is anchored with deep red chargers ($.98 at Wal-Mart) and my mom's gold flatware.

Table set for ten.  Red adds a non-traditional twist to this very traditional setting. 

 Since I have about 20 people invited to dinner, I plan on setting up another table in the living room with a similar d├ęcor.
Happy Holidays!!!

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